CarverMusik: creative music solutions for entertainment

The CarverMusik team provides a broad range of services for motion picture studios, film and TV productions, music supervisors, attorneys,  songwriters and artists (and their heirs), music publishers, record companies, and advertising firms.

** Musicologist Services -- Musical Analysis, Infringement Risk Assessment, Risk  Mitigation, Prior Art

      Research & Preparation of Formal Musicology Reports

** Music Consulting for Film, TV, Marketing, Advertising, Gaming, Internet & Other Media

      (Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production)

** Worldwide Public Domain Research & Analysis

** Providing Public Domain Lyrics & Printed Music, for New Recordings & Performances

** Music Copyright & Ownership Chain of Title Research

** Tracking Down Hard-to-Find Writers, Artists, Heirs, Music Publishers & Record Labels

** Music Genre Research & Consulting  (Blues, Gospel, Spirituals, Hymns, Folk, Americana,
     Country, Opera, Choral, Classical, Etc.) 

** Research & Consulting on Ethnic Music & Music From Other Countries and Regions 

** Worldwide Historical & Period Music Consulting

** Song Take-Downs & Lead Sheets

** Preparation of Music Cue Sheets for Film & TV

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